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Collaboration between SecureMe2 & Guardian360

SecureMe2's Cyber Alarm scans network traffic 24/7 for malicious behavior. This includes real-time analysis to check for communication with malicious destinations, abnormal device behavior, and a straightforward alert system to quickly take appropriate action.

The SAM Cyber Alarm has a local sensor that sends network metadata to SecureMe2's cloud servers. This data is shielded and encrypted for each client. The platform conducts real-time analysis based on all known global threats, immediately notifying you of a (potential) digital intrusion.

Guardian360 and SecureMe2 have ensured that their services work seamlessly together. The Cyber Alarm not only monitors network traffic, but a Guardian360 Probe also conducts a daily scan of the entire network. This identifies vulnerabilities, weak passwords, open ports, missing patches, recommendations for better compliance with GDPR and NIS2, and tens of thousands of other issues.

The scan results from Guardian360 are also displayed on the SecureMe2 dashboard, so clients and partners only need to log in at one place to get a comprehensive overview.

Collaboration between NFIR and Guardian360

For many companies, a cybercrime or IT security incident is a looming threat they are unaware of. Increasingly, companies have cybercrime insurance, but this usually only covers consequential damage. Companies primarily benefit from good preventive measures and immediate assistance from security professionals in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

Nederlands Forensisch Incident Response (NFIR) offers a Cyber Security Support Contract that meets this need precisely. For a small annual fee, without a deductible, NFIR provides a package of preventive and reactive services.

To provide the best cybersecurity services, NFIR has partnered with Guardian360. The IP address scan, part of the NFIR Cyber Security Support Contract, is carried out by Guardian360 Lighthouse. NFIR has integrated its systems with Guardian360 Lighthouse for automatic reporting. Together, we ensure a secure IT environment for NFIR customers.

Want to read more about NFIR and the Cyber Security Support Contract? Quickly visit the NFIR website.

Guardian360's insights

Vulnerability Scanner

Guardian360 scans for potential vulnerabilities in your network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Webapplication Security

Guardian360 continuously protects your critical web applications and searches for potential vulnerabilities

Compliance Audits

Guardian360 supports network security audits, scans according to the latest standards so that you can be compliant

Hacker Alert

Our Hacker Alert Appliance monitors your network day and night to alert you of malicious actors without requiring your constant attention

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