Information Security for Water Works

In your role within the water boards, you are daily engaged in managing water safety and ensuring the quality of our drinking and swimming water.

However, the effects of climate change make your mission increasingly challenging, with an increasing risk of floods and the complexity of safeguarding water quality.

Moreover, the digital transformation of operational technologies brings new cyber threats that can undermine your work.

Protecting the infrastructure against cyber attacks is crucial, not only to ensure the continuity of water supply but also to protect the health and safety of the community.

Challenges Water Boards face

Downtime due to cyber incidents is a scenario you want to avoid at all costs.

At the same time, the tightened regulations such as NIS2 require you to stay constantly updated on the latest standards and techniques to ensure compliance.

This calls for a strategic approach to information security, where you not only react to current threats but also proactively identify future risks.

Bridging the gap

You face the complex task of integrating advanced cybersecurity measures into a sector that traditionally focused more on physical than digital threats.

This requires the right expertise and specialized solutions.

We help you bridge the gap between physical and digital security so that you can meet current compliance requirements and be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Guardian360: Your partner in navigating complex waters

Your work in the water authorities is invaluable to society.

It's essential to maintain control over your cybersecurity and compliance to continue providing these critical services.

Discover how Guardian360 can support you in protecting your critical infrastructure and ensuring the safety of our water.

Our Lighthouse platform not only provides insight into the security status of your IT and OT systems but also enables you to proactively address future threats.

Take the lead in your cybersecurity and ensure a future where we can all rely on safe and clean water.

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