About Guardian360

Since 2015, Guardian360 has been dedicated to pursuing justice within the digital infrastructure, led by a team with over 20 years of experience in information security.

The history traces back to the time when founder and owner Jan Martijn Broekhof, during his MBA research, discovered that many security solutions for SMEs were either unusable or unaffordable.

He founded Guardian360, combining exactly what the market needed:

a Dutch information security solution and insights into compliance via one innovative platform, available through a partner network.

From that history, we recognize the challenges organizations face like no other: navigating a complex landscape of cyber threats and meeting strict compliance requirements without the right tools.

This forms the core of our mission: helping organizations overcome business risks and thrive in their operations without fear.

Our approach is not to follow others, but by being creative, innovative, and critical ourselves, we strive to create a safer working environment for everyone.

Partner-focused approach for unique needs

By not selling our services directly to end users, but through a network of trusted partners, we ensure that our service delivery aligns as closely as possible with our customers' expectations and is tailored to their unique needs.

Our approach is based on enhancing the expertise of our partners through comprehensive technical training and ongoing support, thus building an ecosystem of trust and knowledge.

This enables users of Guardian360 solutions to rely on the best possible support in fulfilling their cybersecurity and compliance needs.

This approach allows us to focus on what we do best:

creating innovative and accessible services through the Lighthouse cybersecurity platform and continuously evolving them to help organizations of all sizes improve information security and risk management.

100% Independent

Where many software companies have raised external funding and focus on rapid growth and preparing the company for sale, Guardian360 is charting a different course. The shares of Guardian360 are still fully owned by the two founders, who have financed the company themselves. They believe in qualitative growth and longer-term relationships, allowing Guardian360 to adhere to its strategy.

Benefits of Guardian360

With Guardian360, you opt for a Dutch provider of information security software focused on enhancing your cybersecurity and compliance. Our services enable you to proactively enhance your cyber resilience and comply with regulations such as NIS2 and GDPR, as well as standards like ISO 27001 and NEN7510. We aim to make the complexity of information security understandable and accessible, allowing you to operate in the digital world with confidence and safety.

Office address
Orteliuslaan 1000
3528 BD Utrecht

Schouwburgplein 30-34
3012 CL Rotterdam

Mailing address
P.O. Box 2655
3000 CR Rotterdam

Telephone +31 88 225 15 00

Email info@guardian360.eu