Lighthouse pricing

Affordable information security

The services of Guardian360 are exclusively delivered through our partners on a subscription basis. This allows you to spread the investment over a longer period. As a result, our insights become accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Pricing structure

When calculating the rate for your organization, several factors are important. Of course, we consider the services you want to implement, but we also take into account factors such as:

For organizations where we can scan the entire IT environment and workstations daily, we offer a competitively priced bundle that includes GDPR/NIS2 recommendations and detection of criminals in the network.

Are you a partner of Guardian360? We have Managed Service Provider licenses available for you.

Contract Terms

Because information security requires continuous attention, the standard contract term is a minimum of 12 months. However, this can be adjusted in consultation with your Guardian360 partner.

Organisations who believe in us

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