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No need to see a cybersecurity expert

In information security, where ‘noise’ causes confusion and an abundance of data, our Lighthouse platform provides clear insights and overview. HThe feature overview introduces you to the key features, insights, and benefits that our platform offers.

We focus on providing clear information and effective tools to strengthen your IT security and facilitate compliance. Discover how Lighthouse helps you stay organized, manage risk effectively, and make the right decisions with confidence when it comes to digital security.

Guardian360's insights

Vulnerability Scanner

Guardian360's Network Scanners scan 24 uur a day, 365 days a year to discover possible vulnerabilities in your network

Webapplication Security

Guardian360 protects your critical web applications continuously as it searches for possible in and around your web applications

Compliance Audits

Guardian360 supports your network security audits by providing a view of your compliance to norms that are relevant to your industry

Hacker Alert

Guardian360 Hacker Alert protects your network day and night against nefarious actors

All functionalities at a glance

At Guardian360, we believe in the importance of establishing a solid foundation before making further investments in information security. This requires insight.

The diagram next to this text provides an overview of the functionalities that our Lighthouse platform offers and the benefits you can experience. It gives you a complete picture of everything Guardian360 Lighthouse can do, as well as what it cannot.

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