Guardian360 Subscriptions

Cybersecurity has become an essential component of risk management for any organisation

At Guardian360, we understand the importance of constant security to protect your business data and that of your customers. Our pricing model is flexible and precisely tailored to the needs of your organization and the type of security that suits your business or industry.

Our bundle is designed to provide a complete cybersecurity solution.

Deze omvat:

The monthly fees are based on the number of employees in your organization, ensuring you never pay too much. Whether you prefer to pay per employee per month or fix the investment at a flat monthly rate, both options are available. Ask your Guardian360 partner for the terms and conditions.

The bundles can be optionally expanded with web application scanning and insights into deviations from various standards.

Individual services tailored to specific needs

Naast onze bundel is het ook mogelijk om onze diensten ook separaat aan te schaffen, zoals:

For process automation, IOT and environments where only specific IP addresses need to be scanned

Protection for your mission-critical online applications.

Insight into standards such as GDPR, NIS2, ISO 27001, NEN7510 and the BIO. For this service, IP address scanning, web application scanning or a bundle is required, because the scan results are needed to generate insights into deviations from standards.

A price plan that suites your organisation model

Choose what your organization truly needs while remaining flexible.

Our prices are determined based on:

Your trusted Guardian360 partner will advise whether a bundle or a combination of individual services better suits your specific needs.

Additionally, your Guardian360 partner will consider the support that can be provided in addressing issues, resolving non-conformities, and quickly responding to a digital breach.

This ensures that you always receive a tailor-made solution that aligns with the needs and budget of your organisation.


Why do I need a subscription?

Cybersecurity is not a one-time action but an ongoing process. With our subscription model, you are always assured of continuity in your security and of the latest security updates and measures. Investing large amounts upfront is not necessary with a subscription, allowing you to keep funds available for business operations.

Scalable and Flexible

Your business doesn't stand still, and our services grow with you. Our solutions are flexible and adaptable to the current situation. In the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between digital attackers, we take responsibility to continually expand our service offerings. This ensures we always have an appropriate solution for the threats facing your organization.

Even when you take the next step with your organization, increasing risks, we move with you. For example, opening multiple branches or increasing reliance on web applications.

Why we use partners

Guardian360 services are exclusively available through more than 100 partners across the Netherlands. The partner of your choice plays a crucial role in providing in-depth advice and support. Your partner assists in determining which security measures are essential for your organization and how they can be best implemented. The partner also considers the business case when addressing issues and implementing measures.

Furthermore, our partners offer more than just Guardian360 services and have broader knowledge and experience in IT automation. They serve as your trusted advisor, understanding your IT environment like no other and delivering and implementing the right solutions for your organization.

With Guardian360 Lighthouse, our partners help strengthen your cyber resilience and simplify your compliance process.

Examples and case studies

Every business is unique, which is why Guardian360 services can be tailored precisely to the needs of your organization. Whether you're an SMB seeking preventive scanning or an e-commerce platform with multiple web shops, we offer bundles or specific standalone services that match your business size and type.

An SMB enterprise that has the basics in place and aims to take the next step in information security typically opts for the bundle, which includes daily scans of all network components and internet-connected devices, real-time detection of digital intrusions, and compliance checks for both GDPR and NIS2.

For an organization with, for example, 150 office locations where only IP scanning is desired, our standalone IP address scanning service is an excellent and secure choice if internal security, network intrusion detection, and compliance are not (yet) a priority.

A retail organisation with 25 webshops, where GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance are important, opts for our web application scanning supplemented with the ISO 27001 compliance module.

A healthcare institution with 4 locations and the desire to comply with NEN7510 opts for the Guardian360 bundle, which includes daily scans of all network components and internet-connected infrastructure, real-time detection of digital intrusions, and compliance checks for both GDPR, NIS2, and NEN7510.

A provider of highway service stations with 75 locations maintains the security of its point-of-sale systems and IP camera surveillance with our standalone IP address scanning service.

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