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Join our partner community as a trusted advisor.

Provide your clients with unique insights and data security from a 100% Dutch company and eliminate the noise. Support them with compliance, including ISO 27001 and NIS2, and become an even more valuable consultant.

Our team offers all the support you need to be successful as a partner, allowing you to benefit from the rapidly growing demand for information security solutions—

without the need to hire new security specialists or spend days in training.

Why choose Uus?

Deliver added value

Our powerful Lighthouse platform is available exclusively through our robust partner channel. Our partners are fully trained and certified, providing all the knowledge and support needed to keep organizations' information secure. Additionally, partners have a broader perspective on IT, with Information Security being a crucial component.

Partner status

As a partner, you add a strong brand to your portfolio. We offer different partner statuses, depending on the sales you generate. Each partner status provides its own package to support your sales efforts, including marketing materials and custom webinars, as well as sales support and leads.

Connect with a partner

Guardian360 is experiencing rapid growth, and our partner channel is expanding quickly alongside us. This is great news, as it ensures that Guardian360 users always have efficient support to sort your specific business model. Find a partner you already do business with or one that is nearby, and start improving your cyber resilience with Guardian360.

Become a partner

A great choice to add the best compliance and Information Security solutions to your portfolio. The market is rapidly growing, so it's an excellent time to become a Guardian360 partner. Join our partner community and secure your clients even better!

Guardian360: Information security that makes sense.

The Guardian360 partner network consists of organizations from over 20 countries across various sectors. What unites them is their commitment to improving information security and compliance, such as ISO 27001 and NIS2, by providing their clients with appropriate advice. This strengthens their position with clients and enhances their authority.

Managed Services Providers

Managed services providers and IT service providers expand their offerings with Guardian360 to demonstrate to their clients that they are "in control" and to keep competitors at bay.

Web developers

Web application developers use the Guardian360 platform to reinforce secure coding principles and publish more secure web applications.

IAAS and hosting providers

IAAS and hosting providers demonstrate with the help of Guardian360 that their infrastructure is optimally secured and compliant, and they provide additional services to achieve this for client environments as well.

Consultancy firms

Consultancy firms advise their clients based on the dashboards and reports provided by Lighthouse, enabling their clients to make better investment decisions.

Strengthen your leadership in information security

Guardian360 is the ideal partner for IT partners looking to expand their services with information security and compliance. Our Lighthouse platform facilitates compliance and supports informed decisions about cybersecurity. With our compelling partner program and dedicated support, we guarantee over 20 years of experience and reliability. Join our success story and become a partner of Guardian360.

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