Category: Platform Migration

A Better Solution than VPN?

Explore our journey to improved reliability with Teleport VPNs have played a key role over the lifespan of our Lighthouse platform by ensuring that Probes and Hacker Alert Appliances (both hereafter referred to as appliances) were able to communicate securely. While this has served us well, they do come with […]

Simpler, Better, Faster

This week we will be highlighting one of the benefits the migration will bring with a special emphasis on probe and appliance deployments.  Simpler, better, faster   One of the criteria we set ourselves at the outset of this migration was to get rid of bloated solutions that perform tasks in […]

Q&A about our platform migration

We have compiled a list of questions our clients may ask with regards to our impending platform migration, feel free to ask us more questions so that we can share it with the Guardian360 community and thereby keep everyone safe.  What will happen to my old data that I had […]