Information Security in Finance

In your industry, we understand the necessity of a proactive security strategy that goes beyond just technology; it's about protecting your customers, your company's reputation, and the integrity of the financial system.

Je moet wel, aangezien organisaties in de financiële sector in toenemende mate doelwit zijn van criminelen.

Complexities in security

Due to increased audit pressure, a lack of qualified personnel, and an influx of information, it has become more challenging to maintain control than to simplify it. There simply doesn't seem to be enough time to fulfill all obligations.

At Guardian360, we find it unfair that this leads to uncertainty, and we bring clarity to the complex field of information security. As a finance professional, you should be able to focus on your core business and not become an information security specialist to have your affairs in order.

Guardian360 helps you with this by keeping your systems, personal data, and financial data of your customers secure in accordance with legislative frameworks such as DORA, NIS2, and the ISO 27001 guideline. The Dutch Central Bank also imposes certain requirements on companies in the financial sector, making optimal information security essential.

Our expertise in monitoring and protecting financial applications and customer records is already trusted by many accountants, insurers, financial institutions, intermediaries, and advisors.

"How is your information security and compliance?"

"Do you want clear insight into where you currently stand with your current approach to information security and compliance? And do you want guidance on how you can potentially improve?

For a personalized discussion of your current approach and security needs, we invite you to a free online knowledge session.

We use the Guardian360 9-square model, focused on risk management and information security. Our insights and recommendations are, of course, based on a valid risk assessment and business case."

Organisations who believe in us

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