100% Reliable data protection with global coverage

As the person responsible for your organisation's confidential information, you want to be absolutely sure that this information is handled confidentially. Insights into vulnerabilities, non-compliance, and detected criminals must not fall into the wrong hands.

Guardian360, based and operating from the Netherlands, understands this better than anyone and meets the strict requirements for reliability and confidentiality in accordance with Dutch and European law. Customer data is stored encrypted on Guardian360’s SAAS platform, which is hosted in Dutch data centres, prioritising the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the data.

ECSO-label, ISO 27001 certification and AVG

The commitment to European cybersecurity standards is reflected in Guardian360's ECSO label. This "Cybersecurity made in Europe" label promotes European cybersecurity companies, increases their market visibility, and highlights their strategic value based on reliable European standards.

Additionally, our ISO 27001 certification underscores the commitment to high-quality information security, with carefully evaluated systems and processes. This paves the way to comply with NIS2.

As Guardian360 is a Dutch organisation and thus part of the European Union, it must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This European regulation imposes strict requirements on the processing of personal data.

NIS2 European cybersecurity legislation

Anticipating this legislation, which is set to take effect in the autumn of 2024, Guardian360 already complies with this directive. It enables our partners and customers to implement Guardian360 solutions that help to easily comply with the NIS2 directive, a European initiative aimed at increasing resilience against cyberattacks within the EU. This aligns perfectly with Guardian360’s mission to facilitate secure work and communication environments.

Our European compliance enables you to comply

Guardian360 aims to provide organisations with secure work and communication environments through trusted IT partners, not only in the Netherlands and Europe but wherever they are located worldwide. Using our services is simple and reliable, offering the reassurance that we comply with key European Union guidelines and legislation. This helps organisations with their cyber resilience and ensures compliance with NIS2, ISO 27001, and GDPR.

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