Truly Accessible Information Security

You don't need a security expert

Information security is your responsibility, even without being a specialist. Guardian360 Lighthouse empowers you to maintain control, optimize your investments, and demonstrate to stakeholders that you have achieved optimal security.

Why Lighthouse?

At Guardian360, we believe in the importance of laying a solid foundation before further investing in information security. This requires insight.

Our Lighthouse platform provides these insights by:

In summary, with Guardian360, you have a solid foundation for information security and peace of mind.

Information security without noise

The abundance of information security providers creates noise and makes choosing the right partner difficult. Our Lighthouse platform provides insight into crucial security aspects (People, Processes, and Technology) and promotes risk management. It continuously monitors vulnerabilities, allowing you to make better decisions, accept risks, and take measures. Guardian360 Lighthouse supports and advises you in this process.

Organisations who believe in us

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