Information Security for Housing Corporations

"In the heart of the housing sector, as a housing association, you play a key role in providing safe, comfortable, and affordable living spaces.

However, as technology advances, with the increase in smart home systems and remotely managed building systems, the risk of cyber threats also rises.

Solar panels, block heating systems, smart meters, and other IoT devices connected to the internet and your central systems open new doors for cybercriminals.

These developments make cybersecurity not only a technical necessity but also an essential part of your service to ensure the trust of your tenants."

Challenges in Protecting Sensitive Tenant Information

Managing sensitive tenant information makes protection against cyberattacks and preventing data breaches crucial.

This information, ranging from personal data to financial details, requires an advanced cybersecurity approach to prevent incidents that could damage your tenants' trust.

Additionally, regulations such as the NIS2 directive, the Baseline Information Security Corporations (BIC), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandate stringent security measures and compliance with high privacy standards.

Guardian360: Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Guardian360 is ready to support housing corporations like yours in navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity.

The Guardian360 Lighthouse platform provides clear insights into your security status and helps in identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities, ensuring you not only meet current compliance requirements but also proactively protect your systems and tenant data.

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Take control of your cybersecurity and compliance

As a housing association, you are responsible for more than just managing properties; you also ensure the safety and privacy of your tenants. A robust cybersecurity strategy is essential to fulfill this responsibility and comply with current standards and regulations. Discover how Guardian360 can support you in protecting personal data, strengthening internal processes, and maintaining tenant trust. Take control of your cybersecurity and compliance today and ensure a safer future for you and your tenants.

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