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Your challenge: A Safe IT-environment

As the person responsible for information security in your organization, you face the challenge of protecting your IT environment from malicious actors and ensuring that office automation is always available for your colleagues. Your task is to act quickly on vulnerabilities and areas of concern to prevent incidents and demonstrate that you are making every effort for optimal security. Legislation such as the GDPR and NIS2 require your organization to adequately secure confidential data.

Prompt insight and preventive protection

Stay one step ahead of malicious actors with Guardian360. We offer advanced vulnerability scanners that continuously monitor your IT environment for vulnerabilities. With our platform, you have ongoing and immediate insight into potential risks such as weak passwords, outdated machines, and new assets on the network. We empower you to act quickly and effectively.

Our experience speaks for itself

Instant Updates

Daily Updates on the security status of your network

In-depth analytics

Identification of vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and unupdated systems

Proven expertise

More than 20 years of experience in information security, IT management and web development

Powerful Ecosystem

More than 175 partners are ready to support you in assessing and resolving issues

Why wait to be in control?

With Guardian360's vulnerability scanners, you can not only respond to threats but also proactively strengthen your office automation. Sign up for our free 2-week trial and experience firsthand how you can regain control over your IT security. No credit card required, no hidden costs.

Be Transformed into an Information Security Authority

Through the insights provided by the Guardian360 Lighthouse platform, you transform from someone seeking certainty to an expert in information security within your organization. With our support and your dedication, you are well-informed and know exactly where and why to take action.

Take a step towards better and more secure IT

Are you ready to elevate the security of your IT environment to the next level? Sign up now for our free trial period and take the first step towards a robust and resilient IT infrastructure.

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