Due to technical changes on our end, some hosts that are used by appliances will change.

This might require firewall changes on the customer’s end if this has been set up as restricted egress (outgoing) traffic for appliances.

If you have ever set up a Probe or Appliance, you will recognise the following hosts and ports.

These should be kept in the whitelist for the time being and can be removed after the migration has concluded successfully:

vpn01.guardian360.nl (443/tcp)
vpn02.guardian360.nl (443/tcp)
vpn03.guardian360.nl (443/tcp)
vpn04.guardian360.nl (443/tcp)

Additional hosts that our appliances will need to communicate with our
platform are as follows: (443/tcp)
gmcr.io (443/tcp)

Again, this is only necessary in restricted environments that filter outgoing traffic, however, we absolutely recommend restricting traffic for security reasons.

Should you only want to allow the network ports for communication to our platform, you can do so by allowing traffic from appliances to port “443/tcp”.

Some customers filter traffic for our central (public) scanning and only whitelist our scanner IP addresses. This is currently coming from the following IP addresses:

These IP addresses should be kept for the time being and can be removed after the migration has concluded successfully.

The central scanning in our new platform will come from a single IP address:

If you have any filters set up for our central scanning, we recommend adding the IP address to the existing ranges to be whitelisted.