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Appropriate information security seems complex due to an abundance of data. This creates noise and makes it difficult to maintain control. The result is increased risks for business operations and raised costs.


You know that these are the things you need to have in order, but without the right insights, it becomes a costly exercise and you still remain at risk. Guardian360 works closely with its partners to offer solutions that are both effective and affordable.

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Guardian360 Insights

Discover vulnerabilities through daily scans

Get insights into weak passwords, open ports, outdated software, new network equipment and misconfigurations that make your IT environment vulnerable to attack.

In addition to insights, our platform also provides instructions on what to do to fix the identified problems, or to mark them as accepted risk.

Protect your critical web applications

Our scanners search for vulnerabilities within your business-critical network so that you can mitigate problems before they arise.

We help you become compliant

Set a trap for hackers

How to Gain Crucial Insights Today Using the Guardian360 Lighthouse Platform


Step 1 - Register for a free trial

Create an account on our Lighthouse platform to experience the insights we offer for 2 weeks at no cost.

We need minimal information for an ip address and/or a web application to be immediately scanned. No credit card required.

Step 2 - Our partners will get in touch

On the day after creating your account, the first scan results are visible.

Then gain daily insight into current vulnerabilities and the steps needed to fix them!

Step 3 - Take control

Involve your trusted IT service provider or Web application developer in reviewing and fixing the areas of concern.

Your business processes and risk assessment are leading you You are not left to your own devices.

You are in control



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Gemeente Halderberge

Curious how Guardian360 helped the municipality of Halderberge secure sensitive data? Read the case study to find out why the municipality of Halderberge saw Guardian360 as the ideal IT partner for securing their infrastructure.

Blauw Research

Blauw works daily with sensitive data from its clients and takes data security very seriously. Read the case study to find out why Blauw Research saw Guardian360 as the ideal IT partner for securing their network and web applications.


SvSnet provides clients with a stable hosting environment, as well as security and protection advice, and conducts security audits. SvSnet hosts applications that must be available 24/7. Read how Guardian360 helps keep SvSnet's hosting environment secure.


Data security and privacy protection are top priorities at Analys.io. Guardian360 helps Analys.io ensure the security of their web application. Read the case study to find out why Analys.io saw Guardian360 as the ideal IT partner for securing their web application.


Guardian360 ensures the security of this sensitive data and provides a safe network environment for Energy21. Read the case study to find out why Energy21 saw Guardian360 as the ideal IT partner for securing their software and infrastructure.

Vorm Bouw

The W.T. Group collaborated with Guardian360 to ensure the security of the sensitive data within VORM's applications. Read the case study to find out why VORM saw Guardian360 as the ideal IT partner for securing their platform.


To ensure the security of applications and data in the HealthCloud, Intermax has chosen the most readily available security platform: Guardian360. Read this case study to understand why Guardian360 is the ideal IT partner for securing a cloud application.

Many organizations excel in their respective fields, but they require an experienced and steady hand to help them gain trust and insight into the complex world of cybersecurity.

Guardian360 was founded because we find it unfair that organizations invest heavily in automation to improve their operations, only to live in fear of criminals. Additionally, we find it absurd that these organizations have to pay exorbitant fees to maintain their information security.

That's why we've developed a software platform that provides daily insights into security vulnerabilities, deviations from standards, and immediately alerts you when something goes wrong. You don't need to be a security expert to analyze the findings. Then, you can easily choose to fix the vulnerability or accept it, depending on your risk profile.

Many organizations have outsourced the management of their IT environment to external parties so they can focus on their core activities. That's why we work with over 200 specialized service providers supporting over 1500 organizations worldwide in gaining control over their IT infrastructure.

As a Guardian360 customer, you get access to our platform where you can monitor insights into your network and web applications daily. By providing your trusted IT service provider with the same insights, you ensure that you're looking at the same data and making well-founded decisions.

You can easily reassure auditors, customers, and most importantly, yourself, that you're in control and can confidently pursue your business interests.

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