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Safe Use of Web Applications

When your organization heavily relies on web applications, you want them to be securely accessible, process data in a safe manner, and ensure information is securely accessible. As web applications are continuously updated and increasingly reliant on third-party technology, it's essential for applications to be robust and secure. This requires continuous vigilance, as new vulnerabilities are discovered daily. The question is, how do you protect essential functions of these web applications from cyber attacks?

Deep insights strengthen your web application security.

Wij begrijpen de complexiteit van het veilig gebruiken van webapplicaties als geen ander. Ons Lighthouse platform is ontworpen om de veiligheid van webapplicaties te ondersteunen met geavanceerde beveiligingsoplossingen. We bieden diepgaande inzichten in de veiligheid van webapplicaties, waarbij we verder gaan dan het oppervlakkig identificeren van kwetsbaarheden. Onze inzichten helpen jou tijdig actie te ondernemen en desgewenst de ontwikkelaar van jouw applicaties te helpen bij het oplossen van kwetsbaarheden in de code.

Expertise that enhances security.

With over twenty years of experience in web application development and information security, we bring a wealth of knowledge and insight into both the development and use of web applications. Our tools and analyses provide a detailed overview of the security status of web applications. This enables developers and organizations to act proactively against threats and helps ensure the secure use of applications.

Proactive protection for your applications.

With Guardian360, you contribute proactively to the security of the web applications used in your organization. Our platform provides daily updates and insights, keeping you informed of the latest threats and vulnerabilities. This enables you to respond quickly and effectively, enhancing not only the availability of web applications but also ensuring the integrity of your data.

Developing and deploying secure web applications?

As a web developer, you play a crucial role in creating a secure digital environment. With Guardian360, you integrate security as a fundamental part of the web application development process. This not only helps protect your projects but also contributes to building trust with your clients and the users of the web applications you develop.

By incorporating security from the outset, you introduce secure coding principles, reduce risks, and enhance the overall quality of your work. This ensures that users can safely utilize these web applications.

Security by design in web application development.

We understand the complexity of securely developing and using web applications like no other. Our Lighthouse platform is designed to support the security of your web applications during development with advanced security solutions, as well as throughout their usage, enabling you to easily manage regular patches and updates.

We provide deep insights into the security of web applications, going beyond superficial vulnerability identification. We scan internet-facing code, detect used frameworks, and thoroughly analyze the findings to identify and mitigate potential risks.

Start strengthening your security today.

Discover the power of how Guardian360 supports secure development and usage of web applications. Sign up for a free trial period and experience the benefits of our platform firsthand. No hidden costs, no credit card required. Take the step towards a safer future for your web applications and become a champion of digital security.

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