Immediate notification of security incidents

with Guardian360 Hacker Alert

Control at the moment of negligence.

Nowadays, it's no longer a question of if you will experience a security incident, but when. Despite all preventive measures and behavioral training to prevent this, you're dealing with an unfair playing field. A criminal only needs a moment of negligence to infiltrate an IT environment. Legislation such as the GDPR and NIS2 requires organizations to report data breaches immediately. That's why you need a detection measure in your network.

Hacker Alert: Rapid detection of cyber attacks

Guardian360 provides organizations with rapid detection through Hacker Alert, an advanced solution that monitors your network 24/7. This system enables you to be instantly informed about suspicious activities, allowing you to act swiftly. Rapid detection and response are crucial for minimizing the impact of a breach and protecting your organization from financial and reputational damage. Additionally, it's essential to be able to comply with legislation such as the GDPR and NIS2.

Comprehensive partner network providing support

After detecting an incident, you're not alone. Guardian360 has a large network of specialists who can assist with forensic investigation, negotiating with criminals, and restoring the IT environment.

Expertise and Experience: your great advantage

With over twenty years of experience in information security, IT management, hosting, and web development, Guardian360 offers deep expertise. Our services are tailored to a wide range of clients, from small offices to large international organizations. In addition to Hacker Alert, our other services such as daily network scans and risk assessments ensure that your network is always protected against the latest threats.

Proactive Protection: your peace of mind

The strength of Guardian360 lies in our deep knowledge and dedication to your security. We not only offer advanced technology but also a platform that emphasizes your proactive approach to digital security. This enhances the confidence of your customers and meets the requirements of regulatory agencies. With our Hacker Alert, you are always promptly informed of a cyber attack and can take appropriate action.

Why wait to be in control?

Discover how Guardian360 hacker alerts can transform you into a bastion of digital security and trust. Take control of your digital infrastructure today and step into a safer future. 

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