Vacancy for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) (FULL-TIME) | Guardian360


Are you a Sales Development Representative (SDR) with excellent communication skills and would you like to contribute to the improvement of cyber resilience of organizations worldwide? If you are, then this job opening is an excellent fit for you!

Guardian360 is looking for an SDR with passion for consulting clients, information security, and working with partners.


Your role 

Your main objective is to contact organisations and consult them to increase their cyber resilience. You will find these organisations yourself, contact them proactively and you are seen as a worthy dialogue partner by earning trust of the staff responsible for information security.

You are averse to fancy talk and therefore averse to using beads and trinkets to close a deal. People trust you because you have integrity. That is why they follow your lead and why you are successful at what you do.

You are familiar with the IT security challenges faced by Boards, Shareholders, Management teams, Chief Information Security Officers, IT Managers, Compliance Officers, Information Security Officers, and Chief Information Officers and fully understand what security products and services fit them well. You establish trust by demonstrating your knowledge of the sector and you are capable of conveying Guardian360’s areas of expertise to potential clients. If Guardian360’s services are not the right fit for a potential client, you don’t mind telling them and guide them in the correct direction.

You have a comprehensive understanding of information security, risk management, and the related business cases. This makes it clear to you when an organisation has invested enough already. When this is not the case, you are easily able to help them understand what they need to pay more attention to.

Since Guardian360 does not sell directly to clients, you are perfectly able to determine which Guardian360 partner is best equipped to serve the client. You will bring the client and the partner together by working as an intermediary who guides them towards a positive working relationship.

You are responsible for your own sales targets and work on long-term relationships with our partners and their clients.

While you are great with people, keeping the CRM system up to date is a no brainer for you.

Your communication skills are fluent. You carefully listen and read what our partners, customers and colleagues are saying, and in return you formulate excellent responses in both written and spoken form.


Nice vacancy but what is the culture like? 

Since the Guardian360 team operates internationally and has members from the Netherlands, South Africa, and Thailand., The team’s working language is English. However, because we serve a lot of partners and clients in The Netherlands and Belgium, within the Partner Success team we’re used to communicate in Dutch most of the time. Our culture is mainly characterized by ‘working together’. We work hard but also take enough time to share fun moments together. A personal fit with all Guardian360 colleagues is essential to be able to perform well.


What do we offer? 

  • A position in the Netherlands with the opportunity to work remotely.
  • A lot of freedom to shape and implement your sales development representative vision.
  • You will contribute to the information security of organizations worldwide.
  • A steep learning curve in the field of information security.
  • A small and passionate team.
  • Freedom to shape the Guardian360 organization by taking on tasks that go beyond your field of expertise.
  • A salary that justifies your knowledge and experience.
  • 25 days off each year.
  • Retirement planning.
  • A laptop or workstation of your choice.
  • Monthly chair massage at the office in Utrecht.
  • Unlimited use of our academy.
  • Unlimited use of the gym at the office in Utrecht.
  • Social drinks, lunches and other (teambuilding) activities.

What do you bring to the team? 

You have the following competencies:

  • Active Listener and Adaptable
  • Video Prospecting Experience
  • Customized Outreach Experience
  • Follow-up Experience
  • Resilient
  • Coachable
  • Self-Aware
  • Organized
  • Curious
  • Relationship-Building Experience
  • Overcoming Objections Experience
  • Skilled Negotiator

In addition, you have: 

  • A minimum of five years of work experience in a similar position. This role is only suitable for a professional who can work independently.
  • A relevant network.
  • Experience as a specialist that looks beyond your own field of expertise.
  • It is also extremely important that you are aware of the importance of information security and are able to implement this in your daily workflow.

About Guardian360 

The mission of Guardian360 is to rebelliously increase justice on the digital infrastructure. We strongly believe it is unfair that organizations and people have invested in IT resources and cannot use them without fear of criminals.

We are fulfilling this mission by developing a software platform that empowers people worldwide to be “in control” of their information security. That means empowering those responsible for “the business” to perform risk management. Those responsible for “IT” are empowered to perform those technical actions necessary to increase information security. The rebellious part is that we really work in a different way, we dare to make unpopular choices, we question the sense of introducing more and more functions and data, and sometimes simply make a different choice than others in our industry.

Our colleagues decide how many days a week they work from home and, if even possible, how many days they are in the office. The headquarters of Guardian360 is in Utrecht and is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle and car. It is also possible to work at one of the offices in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Bodegraven or Zwolle. Our offices are fully equipped: good coffee, tea, club mate, height adjustable desks, collaboration rooms, concentration rooms and gym.


Our hiring process

We’ll go through this process together:

  1. Read the vacancy (well done 😉).
  2. Apply.
  3. First interview.
  4. Personality tests.
  5. Directors’ interview.
  6. Trial day.
  7. Evaluation.
  8. Offer.
  9. Onboarding.


Send your e-mail and cell phone number to and you’ll be contacted within one working day.